Wasatch Comic Con (mostly) Official Schedule!

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Panel Room Schedule 

  Friday April 26 Saturday April 27
9:00 AM N/A
Saturday Morning Cartoons sponsored by Watchtower Cafe
10:00 AM N/A
11:00 AM N/A Curating your collection- How to identify and maximize value
12:00 PM The Power or Comics – why do comics continue to impact the lives of adults? Horror Comics- why do they work so well?
1:00 PM Round table industry discussion- what is working and what is not in comics. Tom Cook Spotlight Panel
2:00 PM Getting started as a comic fan- How to find the best books and not get overwhelmed Business side of comics- Owning a Geeky/Nerdy Business
3:00 PM Comic book professors- Knowledge of all things comics Geek Show Podcast Live
4:00 PM Top Cow Spotlight Panel Minority representation in comics
5:00 PM Valiant Comics Panel Self Published and Indy books- Why you should look past the big publishers for the best content
6:00 PM Tales from the industry- Comic pros telling the inside stories you never knew The wonders of Disney animation
7:00 PM Sourcepoint Press Spotlight Panel Talk Back

Workshop Room Schedule 

  Friday April 26 Saturday April 27
11:00 AM Press Panel Kids create their own comic covers
12:00 PM   Web Comics- How to draw and the technicalities of getting your creation on the web
1:00 PM How Comics are made- from writing to inking to editorial Animation Workshop
2:00 PM How to break into comics- Comic creators teaching you how to become one of them Starting a podcast (beginner level)
3:00 PM How to self publish I started a podcast, now what?- Advanced podcasting tips
4:00 PM Process 1 – Comic writing workshop
Funko Pop Swap
5:00 PM Process 2- Writer/Artist Collaboration
6:00 PM Process 3- Inking and Coloring Techniques Room Closed
7:00 PM Comic trivia contest- WITH PRIZES!! Room Closed