Lindsay Kuhn

If there is a sublime correlation between art, music and skateboarding Lindsey Kuhn discovered it many years ago. He fused these passions allowing him to embark on a successful career spanning three decades.

Lindsey is an artist of international distinction. He is best known for his original silk-screened rock posters for hundreds of bands such as AC/DC, Tool, Devo, Pixies, Johny Cash, Smashing Pumpkins and The Misfits. In 2010, Lindsey published his first book, “Lure of the SWAMP”. The SWAMP is a compilation of many of the rock posters he created throughout his career. 2012 will mark the second edition. It hits the market with bonus pages featuring work up to his 20th Anniversary .

Lindsey’s work has received worldwide attention, including noteworthy shows in Japan, Europe, South America and many prominent galleries in America. He was also a featured artist in the documentary film, “American Artifact: The Rise of American Rock Poster Art”.

Through it all, Lindsey was a primary creative force in a movement that gave birth to a new art form. His influence on culture only continues to expand, confront and inspire all that follow.