Andrew Malin

Meet Andrew Malin, comic book historian and Co-founder of Velleity Studios. With a business degree from Western Governors University in Salt Lake City,

Andrew expertly blends his passion for storytelling with a keen business sense to shape the indie comic book scene. As a driving force behind Velleity Studios LLC, he empowers independent creators by guiding their visions from concept to print through crowdfunding campaigns and meticulous story editing. Beyond his role as a creator and publisher, Andrew shares his extensive knowledge as an educator, having lectured on comic book art and history at Broadview University and serving as a professor in the graphic design department at Salt Lake Community College. His creative portfolio spans titles like “Ruthless,” “Salt City Strangers,” “The Gull,” “Mighty Utahn,” “Kermann,” and “Shaolin Nun,” showcasing his versatility and storytelling talents. A frequent panelist at FanX Salt Lake Pop Culture & Comic Convention, Andrew passionately shares insights into the world of comics.

Velleity Studios continues its mission to empower creators and bring their ideas to life in print. Meet Andrew Malin at Wasatch Comic Con to explore the comics world through the eyes of a creator, educator, and advocate for artistic expression, and uncover the magic behind his creations.