Chris Hoffman

Meet Chris Hoffman, a creative visionary and the Co-Founder of Velleity Studios. With an MBA from Westminster University in Salt Lake City, Chris seamlessly combines business expertise with his passion for comics. As a driving force behind Velleity Studios, he provides a platform for independent comic book and board game creators to turn their ideas into captivating realities. Not only a creator and publisher, Chris also shares his knowledge as an educator, having taught comic book art at Broadview University. His notable comic creations, including “Salt City Strangers,” “The Gull,” “Banana Panic!” (featuring Simon St. Hubbins, the talking monkey super-spy), and “Ruthless,” showcase his love for the medium. Velleity Studios empowers creators through crowdfunding campaigns and expert editorial guidance.

Meet Chris at Wasatch Comic Con and discover Velleity Studios’ mission to shape the future of independent comic book publishing!