Vinny DiGirolamo is a retired Navy pilot, engineer, author, philosopher and artist who once again picked up his brushes and pencils two years ago and decided to push the limits of inherited talents in art. He works in acrylics, oils, pencil and digital art. He gravitates toward fantasy art and is mostly a self-taught artist influenced by the late
Fantasy Artist and pioneer, Frank Frazetta. Vinny has had his work displayed at the Urban Arts Gallery and Art Access Gallery in Salt Lake City and has participated in the Urban Arts Festival, Infinite Possibilities Fall Festival, several events at the Art Haus in Sugar House, the Higher Consciousness Expo 2018, and several other art fundraising
activities and celebrations doing live painting demonstrations. No stranger to comic art, Vinny first published his work in college as a contributing artist to the “Log Magazine,” at the United States Naval Academy. He put a humorous spin on controversial institutional issues and illustrated Congressional actions to make the Academies coed. More
recently, when Vinny was invited to participate in a refugee fundraising art exhibit he learned it was an anti-Trump Administration art exhibit and instead offered to do a pro-American submission. Because he was denied entrance, TROMP was born, a comical commentary which sports an American Bull Elephant with a tuft of wavy blonde hair and bushy eyebrows. When Mainstream Media over dramatizes reality or makes it up, he likes to give that kind of press a sanity check with another point of view. It’s his and his lifelong friend, Tony Stanish’s intent to educate American’s and the rest of the world on the real issues at hand in pragmatic ways, and surprisingly, it’s liked by both sides of the
political fence. He’d like to see TROMP become and animated feature series like, “Family Guy,” to balance the media’s often twisted perspectives on American ideals, politics and current events. As an artist, Vinny doesn’t lack for ideas or projects.

Ultimately, he wants his art to be inspirational, educational or entertaining; whether it lifts the sight of those stuck in the political mire of our day, reflects on the beauty and excitement of the world around us, or is just plain fun. His philosophy is simply, living in the moment, stretching to explore new experiences and being intentional with his choices. He loves people, finds wonderful diversity in different beliefs and behavior, and seeks daily opportunities to empower others in their endeavors.