JC Carter

JC began his writing career in 1996 as a technical writer, writing manuals, whitepapers, and help systems for companies nobody has ever heard of. He was the editor-in-chief for “Masters of Role-Playing Magazine” in 2000, where he contributed articles, stories, and the “Bob’s Basement” comic strip. A life-long comic book fan, JC is the host of the award winning, “The World’s Greatest Comic Book Podcast,” currently in its 11th year. In 2015, he submitted his first comic book script to Velleity Studios and was delighted when “Cecret Slaughter” was published as a back-up story in “The Gull” #1. JC’s current full series, “The Shaolin Nun,” is currently in development. Each issue has and is funded by generous donations through Kickstarter campaigns for each issue, and is currently seeking a publisher. To learn more, visit jccarter.info