Wasatch comic con is about the creators.  About the people who make all of the great books, movies, games, and art that you love.  The people who dream it up and put it on paper, and about bringing those people face to face with their fans, in a free family friendly event.


Ticket Options:
Free Tickets:

1 – Free Registration – pick up tickets the day of the Con
2 – Free Registration – tickets are mailed to you, and you skip the registration / pickup line! ONLY $2.00


3 -Basic VIP – $30.00

*Exclusive Program* *Exclusive Badge* *Express lines* *Preferred entry to panels* *Preferred seating at panels and entertainment events* *Half Hour Early entry* *10% discount on all exclusive product purchases* *Family 4 pack $100*

4  -Deluxe VIP – $100.00

*All basic VIP perks ($30 value)* *Original sketch by attending artists on blank comic Merch Bag (Minimum $30 value)* *$50 Credit towards Wasatch Comic Con exclusives* *VIP Exclusive Print*

5  -TMNT VIP – $120.00 *All basic VIP perks ($30 value)* *Exclusive TMNT program* *Exclusive TMNT VIP Badge* *Free Kevin Eastman Signature* *Original sketch by attending artists on blank comic (TMNT themed)* *WCC exclusive Kevin Eastman TMNT Color comic (limited print run)* *WCC exclusive Kevin Eastman TMNT B&W comic (extremely limited print run)* *WCC exclusive Color TMNT comic print* *VIP only Kevin Eastman Signature line* *Guaranteed seating to Kevin Eastman Panel* *Family four pack $400*

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Kevin Eastman Photo-Op – $30.00